The ISA is the statewide association for faculty, students and practitioners of sociology in Illinois. Our primary mission is to hold an annual conference to share what we’ve learned in our research and teaching and to foster the intellectual and professional growth of our discipline. We invite all faculty and students of sociology, criminal justice, political science, communication, social work, psychology or other related disciplines to join us as members, or to submit papers for presentation at our annual conference.


Wade P. Smith, Eastern Illinois University, wpsmith@eiu.edu



Treasurer: Jorge Chavez-Rojas, Millikin University, jchavez@millikin.edu

Webmaster: Kenneth Laundra, Millikin University, klaundra@millikin.edu

Board Members at large: Keith Johnson, retired, keithjohnson101@gmail.com

ISA Constitution & By-Laws



Section 1 This organization shall be known as the Illinois Sociological Association.


Section I The objectives of this Association shall be to educate by stimulating and improving research, discussion, interaction and service among persons engaged in the sociological study, practice and teaching of sociology.


Section 1 Membership in this association shall be open to any person meeting the conditions in the By-Laws.


Section 1 The elective officers of the Association shall be a President, a President-Elect, a Secretary, a Treasurer, three Members-at-Large. one High School Representative, and two Sociology Student representatives from two different institutions, one an undergraduate and the other a graduate student. The term of the President shall be for one year; and upon the expiration of the term, shall be succeeded in office by the President-Elect. The term of the Secretary shall be two years; the term of Treasurer shall be two years; the terms of the High School Representative and the Members-at-Large shall be two years, and the terms of the Student Representatives shall be two years. Student representatives must be continuously enrolled in an Illinois university or college department of sociology throughout the term of office. Other officers must reside or have their primary work in Illinois for their term of office.

Section 2 The President, or in the President's absence the President-Elect, shall call and preside at all business meetings of the Association. The President shall be responsible for organizing the Annual Meeting during the presidential term. The President shall call and chair meetings of the Board of Directors, and shall perform all duties assigned by the Association and the Board of Directors. The President shall either assume editorship and responsibility for the organization's Newsletter or shall designate an editor(s); in either case, the President shall assume final responsibility for at least two annual Newsletter issues plus a Call for Papers announcing by mail. The annual meetings to the membership shall perform all duties assigned by the Association and the Executive Committee. In the event of the President's absence, resignation, death or other inability to perform all duties of the office, the duties of the President shall be delegated successively upon the President-Elect, the Secretary and the Treasurer.

Section 3 The President-Elect shall carry out the roles as described in Section 2 and assist the President in planning and organizing the program for the Annual Meeting during the President-Elect term of office.

Section 4 The Secretary shall record and distribute the minutes to the Executive Committee of the Association, maintain a central office and such administrative support services for the Association as directed by the Executive Committee, and carry on such correspondence as the Association assigns.

Section 5 The Treasurer shall receive, have custody of and disburse the funds of the Association, and shall transmit information pertinent to the membership records to the membership at the annual meeting, and to the appointed membership chairperson.


Section 1 The governing body of the Association shall be an Executive Committee, composed of the elective officers of the Association and the immediate past President.

Section 2 The Executive Committee shall have charge of the general interests of the Association. It shall call special meetings of the Association, including such activities as a Spring Colloquium. It shall have the power to fill all vacancies which occur between regular elections, such as appointees to hold office until the next regular election.

Section 3 The Officers of the Association shall constitute the Executive Committee. The President of the Association shall be Chairperson of the Executive Committee.


Section 1 The President-Elect shall be elected annually. The Secretary, the Treasurer, the Members-at-Large, the High School Representative, and the Student Representatives shall be elected in alternate years so that their two year terms overlap.

Section 2 All officers of the Association and members of the Executive Committee shall be elected by written secret mailed ballot, and by a majority of the legal votes cast.


Section 1 The Association shall hold an annual meeting at a time and place determined by the Executive Committee for the transaction of business and the discussion of matters of interest to the Association. Written notice of each annual meeting shall be sent to all members at least two months prior to the date of the meeting. Such members as are present at the annual meeting shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of referring issues to the Executive Committee.


Section 1: The constitution may be amended by a two thirds majority of members responding within thirty days to a mailed ballot. Any proposed amendment shall be transmitted by the Secretary to the members of the Association. Amendments may be proposed by the Executive Committee or by petition of ten voting members of the Association.


Section 1 The membership of the Association shall consist of four classes: Sustaining, Regular, Joint, and Student differentiated only by the Association's dues structure and voting rights. To be eligible, all applicants must either (a) meet the eligibility requirements for membership in the American Sociological Association, or (b) have received the master's or Ph.D. degree in Sociology or in a closely related field, or (c) have had at least one year of professional experience in teaching, research, or practice properly classified as sociological, or (d) be enrolled in either an undergraduate or graduate degree program in sociology at an Illinois public or private university or college, or (e) meet such other qualifications as shall be specified by the Executive Committee or the Association. All members except undergraduate students may change membership categories by paying the dues associated with the category of choice. The membership year runs from the beginning of the annual meeting to the next annual meeting.

Section 2 Dues shall be set annually by the Board of Directors who shall notify the membership of said fees that shall men be ratified at the next Business Meeting of the Association.

Sections 3 The fiscal year for the organization will be the calendar year.


Section 1 Sustaining, Regular, Joint and Student members shall have the right to vote. Sustaining, Regular, and Joint members only shall have the right to hold office not including that of Student Representative which reserved for students fulfilling the stipulations of the Constitution.

Section 2 Student members shall have the right to vote but not to hold elective office, and shall have all other privileges of membership.


Section 1 Standing committees shall include Program, Nominations, Student Paper Competition and such others as shall be determined by the Board. The chairperson of the Program Committee shall be the President. All the committee heads shall be appointed by the President and approved by the Board. Members of the Board may serve as members or chairpersons of the standing committees. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all standing committees.

Section 2 The Program Committee, chaired by the President, shall plan the program and make arrangements for the annual meeting, as authorized by the Executive Committee.

Section-3 The Undergraduate Student Papers Committee shall solicit and assess the comparative quality of under-graduate papers to be considered for first, second or third place awards at the annual meeting. (Graduate papers should be submitted to session organizers for inclusion in the regular program.) It shall be the responsibility of the Student Papers Chairperson to arrange a session for presentation of undergraduate award-winners, and to announce the awards.

Section 4 A Nominating Committee Chairperson will be appointed by the President. The chairperson shall select two colleagues to select a slate of candidates for each vacant position. Such nominations may be supplemented by nominations supported by at least ten eligible members of the Association, providing they are received thirty days prior to mailing of the ballot. Members of the Association also may submit nominations by writing in the name of an eligible person on the ballot under the appropriate office.


Section 1 A Nominating Committee, appointed by the President with the consent of the Board, shall nominate candidates for each vacant position. Such nominations may be supplemented by supported by at least ten eligible members of the Association, providing they are received thirty days prior to mailing of the ballot. Members of the Association also may submit nominations by writing in the name of an eligible person on the ballot under the appropriate office.

Section 2 Voting shall be by secret mailed ballot. Ballots will be mailed out by and returned to the Chairperson of the Nominating Committee. The Chairperson and one other member of the Association will count the ballots. A plurality shall be sufficient for election. The Chairperson will notify the President, Executive Secretary, and all candidates of the results of the election prior to the annual meeting. Results of the election shall be announced to the membership at the annual meeting.

Section 3 The new officers shall assume office immediately following each annual meeting.


Section 1 Amendments to these By-Laws may be proposed by the Executive Committee or by a minimum of ten percent of the members eligible for office in the Association. Adoption shall require a majority of the members voting within 30 days by mailed ballot. Ballots for all amendments shall be mailed at the time of the election of officers.